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by Chris Winfield-Blum  - June 22, 2024

After a number of years of not having the time to commit to consistent article writing, I've been inspired to take the time to re-launch my online presence.

To start with I had two websites/blogs setup;

  1. was effectively my personal/professional blog, it had content mostly related to business including articles and details of my engagements
  2. was a technology experiment to explore Nuxt+Vue+Tailwind+Storyblok tech stack and, was showcasing my recent projects

Going forward it did not really make a lot of sense to maintain both sites but I wanted to take the best parts of both sites to consolidate into a single site to maintain (and be most consistent about it).

Here's a quick summary of the work that I have done to get this site up and running the way I wanted it to be;

  • I took many of the design language from and tried my best to recreate it in WordPress
  • I migrated all articles from
  • I migrated "engagements" and consolidated them into the "projects"
  • I created an "about" page that includes my journey thus far, outlining key life milestones and events  
  • I migrated my professional profile and added it to my "about" page here
  • I rewrote all of my "engagements" and "projects" after some self-reflection on each
  • I create a "travel" page that is going to be my travel hub with details of my trips, travel tips and much more in the future

This is really my first time using the tools that I have helped to build while working at Thrive Themes. I wanted to try to take things a step further (i.e. not just use themes and templates) and I'm happy with how it's looking.

In short though the "tech stack" for my relaunched website includes;

I want this new site to be where I can publish my content and in the future some courses that I am planning to build and share across all of my passions; from business to family and everything in between.

Let me know what you think so far (or if you find bugs!)

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Chris Winfield-Blum

Software enthusiast, operations & project manager, MBA graduate, team builder, creator, developer, writer and father.

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