InspireTek (formerly Inspire Sport) is a wellness management system targeted at young athletes with the vision of improving the mental health and wellbeing outcomes for every young athlete.

I engaged with InspireTek remotely and became an important part of the early success and release of the MVP version of the Inspire Sport app and school/sports organisations programs.

I also developed operational standard operating procedures in preparation for a critical capital raise including;

  • Project management
  • Devops
  • Customer and organisational support
  • Human Resources

My achievements included;

  • Managed the product roadmap and delivered on the MVP requirements
  • Setup internal processes to support an OKR framework internally
  • Setup of internal systems & standard operating practices for software development, customer support and human resources
  • Setup structures and processes for capital investment processes including documentation, dataroom and systemised escrow processes

While I'm not actively involved with InspireTek any longer, they are still a great project and I was very pleased to see that they successfully raised $2.5 million in seed funding, with a preliminary valuation exceeding $50 million for its Series A raise.

Read all about it here

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