The idea for Medication Timer came about after my son Jaxon Alan caught a nasty bug on a flight. Within three days the entire family was sick and we were trying to manage basic medications for three people to manage headaches, body aches and fevers.

It was extremely stressful and concerning because we were very conscious of providing our son with pain relief and managing his fever so we wanted to find the sweet spot between under-dosing (and having him suffer more than he should) and over-dosing him.

I looked to my phones app store and found a plethora of options for scheduling medications, for example, a daily vitamin or reflux pill, but very little that helped to manage what I would call "ad-hoc" medications such a paracetamol and ibuprofen which are more about "when can I take the next one?"

So I got to work on my first mobile app! Within a couple of weeks I had my first release completed and available on both Google and Apple App Stores.


Medication has a number of cool features that are all designed to help parents keep their children safe when taking medications;

timers & notifications

Track when medications are taken and when it is safe to administer the next dose to avoid over/under dosing

Temperature tracking

Record and track temperatures across the family with easy readings that include symptoms

Medication management

Add your family's medications and their frequency to allow tracking of 24 hour intake requirements

Family management

Manage your family, set relationships and colours to distinguish family members easily

Family synchronisation

Syncronize family, medication, temperature and timer data across your family members

Share data

Easily generate and email history reports for your family to your medication practitioners

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