So about travel...

I have been very fortunate over the years to have travelled extensively for both professional and personal purposes. I love travelling with my family or solo when the opportunity arises and love to experience the differences in culture and the history of different regions and countries.

I have even had the pleasure of living abroad multiple times over the years in Malaysia (3 years between ages 23-26), USA (1 year at age 33) and the Philippines (5+ years between age 36-41)! 

I will drop some travel tips from time to time here but my first one is to find a way to capture your travelling adventures in a more complete manor than just relying on your phones photo gallery.

Especially as you travel to more and more places it is easy for memories to "meld" and for you to lose the details.

For me, this has been FindPenguins! You can find and follow my profile at

I've found it to be a great way to track my trips and add enough context to photos that I can remember the highlights of my trips in much more detail! Plus it keeps a track of some really cool travel statistics that are interesting conversation starters such as;

  • How many countries/continents you've been too
  • Number of checkins (called footprints)
  • Number of days travelling
  • Your highest altitude
  • Your most distance from home
  • Your hottest and coldest places

It's kind of cool!

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