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About the project

In 2023 Thrive Themes was acquired by Awesome Motive and brought into their family of plugins and WordPress based content and information. I also took on a new role as part of the transition and am now the Operations Manager at Thrive Themes.

I joined Thrive Themes during the pandemic while I was living in the Philippines as a Business Analyst on a part-time basis and quickly grew to appreciate and enjoy the remote team (mostly working from Romania) and the enthusiastic, passionate customers.

Being a business analyst (BA) for Thrive Themes is more than documenting business processes or defining features. As the BA you are an essential part of the product team and your responsibilities include;

  • Providing feedback and input on the product roadmap
  • Taking business requirements from product owners and designing solutions that will achieve the desired outcomes, while ensuring a great user experience
  • Producing wireframes and/or mockups
  • Creating clickable prototypes where required
  • Create development specifications outlining core user stories and expected results
  • Working with design / UX team on polished design creations
  • Working with development to meet requirements
  • Conducting Final Acceptance Testing prior to release

Some of my work

Over the past two or three years I have been involved in many of Thrive Themes major product or feature releases including;

Image Gallery with Carousel

A long-requested feature by the Thrive Themes community for Thrive Architect, the image gallery was something that customers previously had to look to third-party plugins. The sugar on top was a carousel implementation that our customers loved!

Conditional displays

A Thrive Architect power-feature that allows site owners to conditionally display or switch between content based on conditional rules such as; Thrive Apprentice product access, logged-in state or even URL query string or cookie values. Conditional displays was also built with an API that third-party developers can add their own rules!

Front-end filters for Post Lists

Another Thrive Architect feature; front-end filters allow customers to build very flexible filters for their post lists that can be placed anywhere in their theme or page. The cool thing about this feature is that it made our post list element "reactive" in a sense.

Course Certificates and Verification

A Thrive Apprentice feature, certificates added a formality and incentive for students to complete courses. Coupled with a neat "verification" element for Thrive Architect and additional course completion controls, certificates were a great addition to Thrive Apprentice!

Apprentice Reporting

Built with the future in mind, the Apprentice Reporting dashboards have been built as our first structured reporting engine. Future reporting for Thrive products will leverage off of this underlining technology and possibly lead to a customer "Report Builder" in the future.

Slack integration + others

Along with many other Thrive Automator triggers and actions, I designed the Send Slack Message action that can help small businesses to increase their levels of communication and increase customer satisfaction through responsive customer engagement.

and many many more to come....

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