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About the project

I joined MentorPlace initially as an advisor and based on the quotes given to the founders from "nocode consultants" I offered to work with them to build the backend API using Laravel.

  • Mentee and mentor registration workflows
  • Mentor approval workflow
  • Marketplace
  • Bookings with integration to Acuity
  • Payments via Acuity

Post-MVP I continued to work with the founders on version 2 with the objective to consolidate and develop our own solutions for;

  • Calendar synchronisation and live availability
  • Internal booking management
  • Move towards multi tenancy and white labels
  • Reduce our dependencies to ensure smoother upgrade paths in the future

We also began building v2 of the backend API and Administration Panel as well!

MentorPlace - Administration Panel

During this period I also stepped into the role of COO for the startup with the objective to work with the CEO on opening up new markets and investment opportunities.

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