Is it time to start building your offshored team?

by Chris Winfield-Blum  - December 7, 2017

Another year is coming to an end and it’s the time of year when we should take stock of our accomplishments and reflect on our strengths and weaknesses. We should look at the results of our strategic plans and update our progress reports and start to plan the next calendar year.

So the question I pose to you is this: “it is time to start building your offshored team”

How would you know such a thing? Let’s start by asking yourself some questions;

Did you have strategic objectives that you didn’t get to because of resource constraints and dependencies?

It is not uncommon for organisations to prioritise their resources for tasks that generate revenue and cashflow, and this mostly makes sense of course. But many organisations do not have the resources to deliver strategic change that leads to long-term, competitive advantage.

Did you spend the year working in the business rather than on the business?

As a business leader and manager, your greatest value is not working on operational tasks. You should be focussed on business strategy, organisational vision and monitoring your results and outcomes.

Did you fail to make significant improvements to your business due to day-to-day work requirements?

What’s the point of being in business if you’re stagnant and not growing with your chosen industry, being if you do not improve, your competitors still will!

Offshoring can provide you with the resources to either assign high-value team members onto strategic projects or to build a team dedicated to delivering your new idea.

Many organisations have gained competitive advantage through the offshoring of operational roles from back-office to software development, take a look at some of the offshored roles listed here for ideas.

Further, many organisations underestimate the immeasurable, positive impacts of adding a new offshored team. You will be able to create a great new team dynamic and research has shown that increased diversity can have a great influence on team culture, decision-making processes and result in greater organisational success.

So, let’s start today with a free consultation with Change Fox to discuss all of the above questions and develop an offshoring plan and start your new year off with positive organisational change.

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Your time could be the most valuable tool for successful offshoring

Chris Winfield-Blum

Software enthusiast, operations & project manager, MBA graduate, team builder, creator, developer, writer and father.

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